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iDrive 4x4 offers a unique ‘Easy Drive Concept’ in the beatiful nature of Oman for people that are looking for a self-drive Off-Road adventure in a safe environment without the hassle of navigating with GPS tools in the middle of nowhere.

The Easy Off-Road Expeditions in Oman includes:

  • Self drive expedition in the nature under guidance from an experienced European guide
  • Drive your 4x4 car with rooftop tent in a convoy. Just follow the guide car
  • 4 or 6 days off-road driving in deserts, beaches, mountain tracks and through wadi’s
  • Hikes in beautiful wadi and mountain areas
  • Camp-sites in deserts, wadi’s, mountains, beaches
  • Professional cook that prepares breakfast and dinner in the camp-site
  • Enjoy beautiful starry nights at the campfire.

At iDrive 4x4 we believe in offering you an unforgettable adventure with comfort and fun in the camps in the nature. The packages that we offer include hotel nights (at arrival and before departure), 4x4 car rent, fuel, guide, cook, all food and non-alcoholic drinks, rooftop tent, extra tent, camping shower, camping equipment, firewood etc.

Please check out our expeditions in Oman and feel free to contact us if you wish to make a tailor made expedition for your group. 

​We look forward to see you on one of our expeditions.